Esplanadi Places of Interest

Obelisk of Empress

Obelisk of the Empress, Helsinki

On June 10, 1833, Helsingfors was visited by the wife of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, Alexandra Feodorovna. On December 18, 1835, this memorial sign was erected on the spot where the steamer from St. Petersburg docked and the Empress first set foot on Finnish soil (read more )

Havis Amanda Fountain

Havis Amanda Fountain, Helsinki

The order was received by sculptor Ville Valgren, Finn, who went to study in Paris. The city Council wanted to see the monument as a symbol of the formation of Helsinki as the Baltic capital and Valgren cast bronze figure of the virgin, coming out of the water on the shore (read more )

Esplanade Park - Lime and Monuments

Helsinki. Esplanade

Behind the Havis Amanda fountain rises the Esplanade (Finnish Esplanadin puisto, Swedish Esplanadparken), a French-style Park built in the thirties of the nineteenth century by the city architect Karl Ludwig Engel. The inhabitants of Helsniki colloquially refer to this place with the short word "Espa" (read more )