Photowalks in Helsinki

The Fortress Of Suomenlinna. The Main Gate

Our ferry is approaching fortress of Suomenlinna (Suomenlinna , the "Finnish fortress") - the complex of fortifications, almost 200 years protecting both the Helsingfors from Baltic sea.

Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

Fortress occupies 7 Islands in a small archipelago called "Wolf skeries", a total area of about 80 acres, 5 Islands linked together by bridges.

Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

To Build a fortress to protect Hellefors the Swedes decided after the first Russo-Swedish war of 1741-1743 years, ended with the signing Abrenskogo world, kotormu Russia returned to Sweden, almost all Finnish lands, only slightly separating the border from St. Petersburg. To strengthen the new border, it was decided to construct a Maritime fortress near Helsingfors, which was given the name Sveaborg (Sveaborg - "the Swedish fortress"). Construction began in 1746, purificaci was designed by the architect Tunberg, supervised the construction of a major Augustin Ehrensvärd. In 1748-1758, bastions were built on the island of Kustaanmiekka (Gustavsberg), the construction continued until 1770, and at a cost of 25 million riksdaler. In 1756 the Ehrensvärd has made the reorganization of the fleet, where the galley fleet was transferred to the subordination of the military. The main base of the galleys was the Suomenlinna, the Ehrensvärd was promoted to major General. In April 1808, during the next Russian-Swedish war, the castle after a short siege, was occupied by Russian troops, Trophies were 110 vessels and ships more than two thousand guns, a huge quantity of artillery ammunition, and seven thousand prisoners.

Main gate coastal fortress and barracks built in 1868 hadah.

main portal. Helsinki, the Suomenlinna fortress, the main gate Helsinki, the Suomenlinna fortress, the Main gate

After Passing the gate, get to the square, you can see some old wooden houses, containing a cafe, shop, small hotel, several residential houses. The archipelago is one of the areas of Helsinki, just on the Islands, home to about 600 people.

Helsinki, the Suomenlinna fortress, panorama Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

The Phone booth in the amount of two pieces without phones. Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

Café Vanille, a cozy house in the style of country architecture.

Helsinki, the Suomenlinna fortress, Vanilla restaurant, cafe vanilla Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna

the Corners of the building decorated with wonderful delicate drains.

Helsinki, fortress of Suomenlinna