Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) Fortress Places of Interest

Suomenlinna Shipyard

Suomenlinnan Telakka Shipyard

The shipyards were founded in 1750, and 10 years later they began building ships for the Archipelago Flotilla (Skärgårdsflottan escader). These were galleys, and "Island frigates" (Soutufregatti), sailing and rowing ships designed for operations in skerries (read more )

Great Yard and Ehrensvärd Tomb

Suomenlinna. Ehrensvärd Tomb

On the Suisaari island, inside the Ekeblad and Höpken bastions, there is a so-called "Great Yard" (Suuri linnanpiha). The administrative center of the fortress and the commandant's house were located here (read more )