Photowalks in Helsinki

Princess Maria ferry in the archipelago of Helsinki

Here and the final stage of our trip - after leaving West terminal Länsiterminaali of Helsinki, the ferry heads in the direction of St. Petersburg.

Helsinki skerries

Fairway is surrounded by many rocky islets - sherow.

Helsinki skerries

Despite the fine day, on the decks deserted. Passengers significantly less than it was on the way from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.

Princess Mary ferry, upper deck Princess Mary ferry, upper deck Princess Mary ferry, upper deck

Pass the beacons, indicates the fairway leading to Helsinki.

Finnish skerries

Our ferry left in the open sea. Here is quite lively ahead of us Europe is heading in the direction of Tallinn, from there toward us in a hurry "Finlandia".

Finlandia Ferri

Princess Mary under the flag of "great sea power" Malta is coming to St. Petersburg. On this our acquaintance with Scandinavia over. This is my first serious acquaintance with the North of Europe have left a lot of impressions and only fueled interest in those countries that I saw. Put yourself in a visit to the Polar Norway and extensive experience Stockholm and its museums, and much more...

Princess Mary ferry, upper deck

This concludes my story about a great journey through Scandinavia, but we do not say goodbye to the Finnish capital.

Baltic Seagull